Rosa Luxemburg Square may be renamed to Pavlovskaya

Rosa Luxemburg Square may be given back the name which it has had for a long time before - Pavlovskaya Square. Such decision was made today on November 12 on the meeting of the City Committee for the Issues Concerning Toponymy and Protection of the Historic and Cultural Environment. Taking into account that the quorum is 13 votes,  15 committee-men out of 16 present have voted for the recommendation to the Kharkov City Council to consider the issue regarding returning the name Pavlovskaya to the square.

 The Executive Secretary of the Toponymyc Committee Alexei Khoroshkovaty remarked that Rosa Luxemburg had never been related to Kharkov and had never visited the city. Earlier the name of the square correlated with the names of Karl Liebknecht Street and Clara Zetkin Street which were the new names for Sumskaya Street and Rumskaya Street correspondingly but to which with the course of time their historical names were returned.

“The committee recommended that Rosa Luxemburg Square should be returned one of the names given in the process of the development of the city – Pavlovskaya Square. This initiative was made by the Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes considering that we are starting the reconstruction of the square and renovation of its historical image. The next year Kharkov will be 360 years, and we are gradually and carefully returning those names which are really worth returning to its streets and squares. 90% of the old names of the streets of Kharkov originated in so called folk way: people settled, built the first house, and after their name the newly formed street was named; herewith those were people of absolutely different social classes and social stratum: workshop people, merchants, craftsmen. Another names, given in last 80 years, were, mostly, stratification to the name which was given by people living there,” – specified the Executive Secretary of the Toponymyc Committee.

Alexei Khoroshkovaty remarked if the session of the City Council approves returning of the historical name to Rosa Luxemburg Square, Kharkov dwellers that live in this square will not pay for re-issue of the documents.

Present-day Rosa Luxemburg Square appeared in the beginning of the second part of the 18th century when in this place in 1660-1662 a fortification adjoining to the fortress – prison – was built. In some time the centre of the prison became the main city market. At the end of 18th and on the beginning of 19th century public punishments were executed there. The square was called Market Square, and also Execution Square, Public Square.  In the end of 30th years of the 19th century the merchant Savelii Pavlov – the pioneer of sweets and gingerbread manufacturing in Kharkov – built a stone store on the square.  In this time the square was called Pavlovskaia. Later the Maly Theatre and “The Grand Hotel”, which in the Soviet times was renamed to “Spartak”, were placed in the House of Pavlov. January 25, 1919 Pavlovskaia Square was renamed into Rosa Luxemburg Square

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