The meeting of the people's deputies with Yulia Tymoshenko will not take place

The meeting of people's deputies with Yulia Tymoshenko scheduled for today in Kharkov most probably will not take place. People's deputies from the united opposition Arsen Avakov and Arseny Yatseniuk as well as Yury and Irina Lutsenko arrived at the territory of Kharkov central clinical hospital #5.

 Arseny Yatseniuk has explained to the journalists who gathered near the hospital that they were planning to discuss with Yulia Tymoshenko the fulfillment by the Ukrainian authorities of the criteria or singing the association agreement with the European Union and the prospects of Ukraine in relation to signing the agreement.

According to the press-service of the state penitentiary authority, since Yulia Tymoshenko is sick with cold no visitors will be admitted to her.  "The state penitentiary authority informs that on November 15, 2013, according to conclusion of the doctors of the central clinical hospital #5 of Ukrzaliznytsya in Kharkov, since the convict Tymoshenko is sick with acute respiratory viral infection and in order to prevent possible complications to the state of her health, the possibility of visiting her is restricted until her recovery," is said in the message.

According to the political expert Vadim Karasev, Ukraine stands to sing the agreement on association with the EU during Vilnius summit; however, it would be more difficult to agree on "Tymoshenko issue".  "In reference to the association agreement, it is more probable that it will be signed than not. As to Tymoshenko issue, it will probably be vice versa: rather no than yes," said the political expert. Karasev thinks that one of the drawbacks of Cox-Kwasniewski was lack of attention to the representatives of parliamentary majority –The Party of Regions. "What I am saying is that the attention was distributed disproportionally. If we consider parliament, attention was paid to the opposition, to the head of the parliament, but not to the biggest parliamentary faction of The Party of Regions. Obviously Kwasniewski and Cox thought that it was enough to communicate only with Yanukovych and Rybak, who could give instruction to the Party of Regions. However, they did not count that in the Party of Regions itself there were different attitudes towards "Tymoshenko issue", signing the association agreement and the free trade zone," considers the political expert.

Another political expert Dmitry Vidryn thinks that in spite of a harsh tone, everyone in the EU understands that it is not possible to simply release Yulia Tymoshenko because there are certain legal procedures and norms, that there is a law which does not allow releasing Tymoshenko now. "Even the most ardent advocates of Yulia Vladimirovna in the West will not demand violation of the law from Ukraine and release of ex-premier at any cost. The supremacy of law is a fundamental EU value, which the European officials cannot step over. This is question of principle," said Vidryn.

He has refrained from single-value predictions regarding the future of Tymoshenko, "It is difficult to forecast making a bet in the struggle of prison and hospital, between which Yulia Vladimirovna is hanging. In this case it is one of the two: either the prison proves that Yulia Tymoshenko is a malingerer or the hospital wins and the doctors prove that she can be saved only by bed rest." "Nobody speaks of pardoning Tymoshenko at the moment," mentioned Vidryn.

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