The Ukrainian movie based on the Swedish novel will be taken to India

The Ukrainian movie “Brothers. The Last Confession” will represent our country during the International Indian Film Academy Awards.

The movie by Victoria Trofimenko is cast basing on the popular novel by the Swedish writer Torgny Lindgren “Bumble-bee Honey”. This is the first screen version of the famous work. The psychological drama tells the story of two old and weak brothers who have been in the state of   cold war for forty years, trying to outlive each other.

Once a writer comes to a small town in the Carpathians where the brothers live, and gives the lecture in the local monastery about the saints and the fools for Christ. One of the brothers named Voitko is among the listeners. Gradually the writer comes into the life of Voitko and meets his brother. She becomes a link between the brothers.

Viktoria Trofimenko took the story from Sweden and put it into the reality of one of the regions in the Carpathians, and the Scandinavian story obtained the Hutsul coloring.

The picture has become a debut for Victoria Trofimenko as film director in the full length cinematography, as well as for the major part of the actors of this film.

The International Indian Film Academy Awards will take place from the 20th till the 30th of November on the coast of Goa. It has been held since 1952, and gives way to the movies that take part in the festival to the vast Asian movie audience. 327 films from 72 countries take part in the festival.

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