The law enforcement officers call on the activists not to block Institutskaya and Mikhailovskaya streets in Kiev

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) calls on the participants of the protests not to hamper free movement of vehicles in Kiev, including Institutskaya and Mikhailovskaya streets.

As noted by the law enforcement officers, the internal affairs authorities are constantly receiving the applications of the residents of Kiev with the pleas to provide assistance and to give free access for the private vehicles to the place of residence. In addition, the citizens are complaining that the mass protests in the center of the capital do not give them the opportunity to have the regular rest at night.

In the address of the MVD of Ukraine to the participants of rallies it is emphasized that although participation of the citizens in peaceful protests is not prohibited by law, such activities should not hamper the free movement of other citizens and vehicles.

The law enforcement officers persistently ask the protesters to refrain from blocking transport communications, not to hamper free movement of vehicles, to respect the norms of the legislation and the rights of other citizens of Ukraine.

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