The Russian people's deputies are concerned with the situation in Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine may have grave economic and political consequences, hold the people's deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

"Unsanctioned rallies, blocking the government authorities, seizure of administrative buildings, looting, destruction of historical monuments lead to destabilization of the country and could have serious negative economic and political consequences for the Ukrainian people,” says the draft statement “On the Situation in Ukraine”.

The Russian people's deputies expressed their concern about actions of the Western politicians in Ukraine, who “blatantly interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign Ukraine”.

The people's deputies argue that the foreign politicians contribute to the destabilization of the situation, openly urging people to oppose the decisions of the legal authorities, while geopolitical choice of Ukraine is its internal and sovereign right. The people's deputies called on Western politicians to stop the pressure on “our sister country”.

The statement also calls on the Ukrainian opposition to stop illegal actions and resolve all the issues in accordance with the country’s legislation. In addition, the Russian people's deputies urge both the government and opposition to jointly find a peaceful way out of the situation and act in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

This statement was supported by all factions of the Russian legislative assembly; if the State Duma supports the statement, it will be sent to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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