“Black” real estate agents were put behind bars in Simferopol

In Simferopol one of “black” real estate agents received a life sentence, his 11 accomplices - from 5 to 15 years' imprisonment.

The press service of the Crimean Public Prosecutor's Office informs that over the years 2010-2011, 13 people committed a series of grave crimes and felonies, including premeditated murder and two murder attempts in the Crimea, Zaporozhia, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions. In particular, the perpetrators seized two apartments in Simferopol, killing one of the owners and kidnapping the other for the period of the illegal real estate transaction.

The Crimean Public Prosecutor's Office proved in court that all members of the organized crime group and three accomplices are guilty of the alleged crimes. On December 9 Simferopol district court sentenced the organizer of the gang to life imprisonment with confiscation of property, the other crime accomplices got from 5 to 15 years’ imprisonment.

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