Miner's attribute worth hundreds thousands hryvnas appeared in Ukraine

A piece of jewelry worth more than 340 thousand hryvnas – the most expensive miner's hard hat in the country – was presented in Ukraine.

Jeweller from Donetsk Tatyana Kaliyjnaya is the author of the hard hat made from brass, silver, anthracite and 142 black diamonds. The piece is decorated with 15 bas-reliefs displaying different stages of development of mining. Also the prayer to Saint Barbara is engraved on the hard hat as well as the writing "Not the machines make feats of heroism but people" in English and in Russia. It took 2.5 years to create this work of art, which weighs 3.3 kilos. It is noteworthy that coal was used to decorate the hard hat, which was not the first time Tatyana Kaliyjnaya used it to embellish the jewelry. In the beginning was brooch shaped like pit refuse heap, ornamented with anthracite.

"I find material in refuse hips of mines, where I can dig for hours. The miners come and joke around by wondering what a good woman has lost there. When I say that I admire their work and make works of art from coal, I can see traces of tears in the eyes of some of them. Sometimes I would come to work and find several stones wrapped in plastic bag, which someone left for me saying, 'Just give this to Tanya, she'll appreciate'," admitted the artist.

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