Turboatom has manufactured second turbine for the biggest storage plant in Europe

According to the press-service of the plant, Turboatom public corporation (Kharkov) has completed procurement of equipment for the second hydraulic unit of Dnestrovskaya storage plant, which is being constructed. The unit is being mounted in the storage plant with support of chief engineers of Turboatom. The turbine cover has already been mounted, the impulse wheel has been connected to the shaft, the preparations for mounting of guide bearing and shaft seal are ongoing.

The project of the storage plant construction is aimed at improving the performance of the power system of the country. The turbounit can work as a pump and as a turbine. During the periods of minimal energy consumption the unit can pump the water to storage reservoir, which can be used for power generation during the peak load times.

According to the contract concluded in April 2012, Turboatom manufactured and delivered to Dnestrovskaya storage plant a full set of equipment for reversible radial-axial hydraulic machine ОРО170-В-730 with maximum power of 390 megawatt in turbine mode and 420 megawatt in pumping mode.

Earlier Turboatom has manufactured and put into operation a similar hydroturbine for the first unit of Dnestrovskaya storage plant. Now the enterprise is working on production of equipment for the third hydraulic machine, the launch of which is planned for the beginning of 2015.

Dnestrovskaya storage plant is the biggest one in Europe and sixths largest hydropower engineering project in the world. The power complex of Dnestrovskaya storage plant consists of seven hydraulic units, has designed electric power capacity of 2,268 megawatts in generator mode and 2,947 megawatts in pumping mode and is put into operation via several launch stages. The first launch stage of the storage plant includes three hydraulic units with the designed capacity of 972 megawatts in generator mode and 1,263 megawatts in pumping mode.

The construction of Dnestrovskaya storage plant began in 1986. The first launch complex of the first state of Dnestrovskaya storage plant consisting of the first hydraulic unit was put into industrial operation in the end of 2010.

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