The artist could serve 5 years in prison for hooliganism in Red Square

The artist Petr Pavlensky, who nailed his scrotum to the block pavement in Red Square in Moscow, is charged with hooliganism.

"The law stipulates a wide choice of penalties for this crime. The minimum is a fine of 300-500 thousand rubles or of the size of the salary of the convict for the period of 2-3 years. Another option is mandatory work for the term of up to 480 hours or correctional work for the term of 1-2 years or forced labor for up to 5 years. The harshest punishment, which the person involved in the case could expect, is imprisonment for up to 5 years," reported the press-service of Moscow police.

Petr Pavlensky got to a hospital after another performance.

On Police Day, November 10, the artist from St. Petersburg conducted his action Fixation at Red Square, during which he nailed his genitals to the block pavement.

The police separated the artist form the block pavement and sent him to a hospital.

Earlier at the police request Pavlensky passed medical examination, which found him sane, after his act, during which a naked artist had wound barbed wire around himself.

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