Two thirds of the journalists quit from the editors office of Ukrainian Forbes magazine

Fourteen journalists have signed the notice to terminate their work in the Ukrainian version of Forbes magazine. The employees blame the management for the attempt of changing the editorial policy.

As it can be seen in the notice, the photo of which is spread in the social networks, the document was signed by Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Boris Davidenko, Editor-in-Chief of the Internet site Alexandr Ruban, Deputy of the Editor-in-Chief of the Internet site Katerina Kobernik and several editors and correspondents of the magazine and the site.

“The attempts of changing of the editorial policy have become the reason to leave of the major part of the team. Thank you for have been reading us all this time,” – says the statement of the journalists that quit.

As the journalists claim, the head of the project “Forbes Ukraine” Mikhail Kotov without giving any reasons declined the accepted before application form of the topic about the councils of the first Vice-Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov. According to Alexandr Ruban it has become “the last nail in the coffin of the patience” of the team. Ruban assures that since now there will be strict censorship.

“We are not ready to work under the new conditions,” – he remarked.

In return Mikhail Kotov told that the reason of the quit has become not the editorial policy but joining of the team of the Internet site and of the magazine into one editorial team. As Kotov has explained till this moment there were actually two teams one of which was managed by the Editor-in-Chief of the site, and the second one by the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Currently the issue is about joining of the teams into one structure, and those who are against of it have decided to leave the magazine.

“The thing that happened is a common management story which has nothing to do neither with the change of the editorial policy nor with the new owners,” – Kotov told. According to his words people who stayed in the editorial office are ready to continue the work.

On the other hand the team that has quit has already created the media employee representation cell.

Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko bought the Media Holding UMH in June 2013. The Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Fedorin resigned as soon as information about the deal had come into knowledge. He stated that sale of the Ukrainian Forbes to Kurchenko means “the end of the project in its present form”. Fedorin has also supposed that the buyer expects to reach one or several goals: “to stop journalists’ moths before the president elections, to improve his own reputation, to use the edition for solving the issues which have nothing to do with the media business.” The Forbes informs that after Fedorin has left the project was headed by the ex-editor of the Internet edition “Gazeta.Ru” Mikhail Kotov.

Kurchenko himself declared that he had bought the media holding to diversify business. According to the conditions of the agreement the transfer of assets had to be over till March 1, 2014. On November 5 informed that the group of companies VETEK owned by Sergei Kurchenko made the last part of the payment, and came into possession of the new assets ahead-of-schedule.

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