The monument to the characters of the movie Officers was opened in Moscow

The monument to the characters of a famous Soviet movie Officers was placed in Moscow near the entrance to the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Frunzenskaya embankment.

The sculptural composition was named "There is Such a Profession to Defend the Motherland" (a famous quotation from the Soviet movie) and represents a famous scene from the movie: a meeting of two fellow soldiers. Sergei Shoigu, who took part in the opening ceremony, noted that the movie by the film director Vladimir Rogov had long been a source of inspiration for the military men. The solemn ceremony was attended by the actors, who played the leading roles: Vasiliy Lanovoy and Alina Pokrovskaya. Immediately after the opening they were photographed near the bronze characters, whom had played.

The idea of the sculptural composition Officers was realized by the Studio of the Military Artists Named after Grekov.

The movie Officers was released by the Film Studio Named after M. Gorkiy in 1971 and covers the events from the Civil War to post-war time. The movie won the prize and the diploma of the Film Festival of the Workers of Czechoslovakia in 1972.

After the release of the movie, according to the poll held by the magazine The Soviet Screen, Vasiliy Lanovoy was recognized the best actor of the year.

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