Ukraine will warm Europe. Naftogaz has officially confirmed renewal of gas purchases from Gazprom

According to the announcement of the press-service of the government holding on Friday, national joint - stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine stops gas extraction from its underground storages and renews purchasing it from open joint stock company Gazprom.

The announcement says that such an agreement was reached during the meeting of the chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Evgeny Bakulin with the chairman of the board of Gazprom Alexey Miller. They discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation in gas industry in the wake of winter. A little earlier the management of Gazprom had reported the beginning of the purchases as well as granting Ukraine the right to pay the debt of 1.3 billion dollars for gas by installments. The Ukrainian side has now officially confirmed those intentions.

The peculiarity of Ukrainian gas-transport system is that it needs big reserves of gas in the storages to ensure gas transit during the winter. The gas, incoming from Russia, is physically consumed in the industrial east, while the gas, which goes to Europe, is transported from the underground storages located in the west of Ukraine. Gazprom estimates that for a normal transit during winter Naftogaz needs 215 billion cubic meters of gas in the storages, while there are only 17.6 billion cubic meters of gas there now.

According to the document of the central control department of the fuel and energy sector, 109.6 million cubic meters per day is planned to be supplied to Ukraine.

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