The President of the European Commission believes that the whole Ukraine wants the European integration

The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso has made a statement, in which he claims that the young people of Ukraine are defending their future in the form of the European values at Euromaidan.

"And if sometimes in Europe some of us had doubts about how important were these values, just have a look at Ukraine. These young people write a new history of Europe in the streets of Ukraine, when the temperature is below zero," he said.

Herewith, Barroso believes that it is not true that only the Western Ukraine wants the European integration.

"No, most Ukrainians want to have a peaceful and free future," he noted.

He is also confident that the EU must support the people of Ukraine in this very difficult time, because they make one of the greatest contributions to Europe. The President of the European Commission called on the rally participants not to yield to defeatist mood, to have the courage to combat the negative forces. "Because the populist, extremist forces are those negative forces, which today support the anti-European topic, reviving all the demons of Europe, in particular, extremist nationalism, xenophobia, sometimes racism. All of these are the negative values," Barroso added.

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