The police intends to unblock the center of Kiev tonight

As the head of the press-service of Kiev police Olga Biluk reported, the law enforcement officers intend to clear the streets of the center of Kiev from the rebels in order to renew the traffic.

"The decision to unblock the carriageway of the center of the city was made," she said.

According to Biluk, now the law enforcement officers move along the ‘governmental block’ from the subway station Arsenalna in the direction of Maidan Nezalejnosti and remove the barricades, and tent camps.

At the same time, as Biluk notes, there were no clashes with the participants of Euromaidan.

"The police moves systematically. The major part of the protesters simply walks away," the head of the press-service of Kiev police informs.

Let us remind about the fact that earlier the General Public Prosecutor Viktor Pshonka demanded to unblock the administrative buildings and to free the carriageways.

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