Law enforcers cleared the last barricade near the Presidential Administration. No casualties

Barricades at the corner of Shelkovichna and Bohomoltsa streets were cleaned last. As of 2:25 a.m. about 200 representatives of police and interior troops gathered at Bohomoltsa Street.

Two groups of young men of 20 people each were seen lingering at the corner of Lutheranska and Shelkovichna streets. They just stood there. To the question of Ukrainian Pravda newspaper, why they were there, the young men replied that they lived in the center and were returning from work. They claimed that they work in the International Exhibition Center.

As of 2:45 a.m. the law enforcers began to strip down the barricades at the corner of Shelkovichna and Bohomoltsa streets. Part of the barricades was put to the dump truck. Vladimir Klitchko, the leader of Udar party, came up to the location, but did not intervene. The protesters do not resist, they were surrounded on all sides by the security forces.

Around 2:50 a.m. the barricades at the corner of Lutheranska and Bankova began to be dismantled. Law enforcement officers surrounded them so that the protesters could move on to Khreschatyk via Lutheranska Street. Earlier, the security forces cleared the barricades in Hrushevskoho Street.

There were no injuries.

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