Two policemen harmed in Kiev

The information comes from major-general Igor Plakhuta, head of the Southern Command of the Interior Troops, reports Ukrainian Pravda newspaper.

"Berkut officer was gassed by the protesters. Another soldier was injured in the crowd. The diagnosis will be established later,” he said.

Plakhuta noted that about 400 internal troops and Berkut special forces were called for clearing up the streets next to the Presidential Administration. According to him, there were no detainees. Plakhuta also said that the men in black who dismantled the barricades belonged to municipal services.

On the night of December 9, security forces cleared the barricades near the country’s Parliament and the Presidential Administration. During the demolition of the barricade at Lutheranska Street, according to Gromadske TV, instigators used tear gas on the security forces.

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