Communist Party of Ukraine believes that the country is on the brink of coup-d’etat

Representatives of the Communist Party of Ukraine believe that the opposition is trying to carry out a coup-d'etat, though this can lead not only to a change of government, but also to the loss of independence. This was announced by Alla Alexandrovskaya, the first secretary of the Kharkov regional committee of the Communist Party, during a press conference on December 9.

"It is this scenario that is being developed in front of our eyes, as once again proved by destruction of Lenin monument in Kiev, which, in theory, has no relation to the slogans chanted today on Maidan,” said the politician.

Alla Alexandrovskaya is concerned with a calm reaction of the Ukrainian society to the acts of the opposition, “The most worrisome is that the activity and the statements of these semi-fascist forces are neither countered nor condemned by our society”.

Secretary of Kharkov Regional Committee of the Communist Party noted that the representatives of the western regions of Ukraine actively express their opinions on the European integration, while nobody hears those who live in the eastern regions. According to Alexandrovskaya, the East Ukrainian citizens need to get together, “Then the voice of the East will be heard”.

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