Berkut will use force on Maidan in case the decision of the court is not fulfilled

The commander of the special unit Berkut, which surrounded the tent camps of the opposition on the crossroads of Institutskaya Street and Krepostnoy Lane, and Hrushevsky Street and Krepostnoy Lane, told the journalists that the force in the heart of Kiev will be used only in the case of provocations or if the decisions of the court are not fulfilled.

"We will not use force, if there are no provocations, and everything is done according to the decision of the court," the commander of Berkut, who introduced himself as Andrey Tkachenko, said.

Tkachenko meant the decision of the court, which the marshals of the State Enforcement Service read to the protesters, who were in the building of the City State Administration of Kiev, on December 5. That decision of the court prescribes the protesters to voluntarily leave the building of Kiev City Administration, as well as to stop blocking the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

According to the special correspondent of the news agency Kharkov, at the moment both tent camps, as well as the whole Mariyinsky Park are surrounded by the soldiers of the internal troops, and Berkut.

The snow-clearing machine is operating inside the area surrounded by the police in Institutskaya Street.

Inside the circle one of the leaders of the opposition Arseniy Yatsenyk gives the comments to the mass media and calls on the participants of Euromaidan to gather on the free part of Institutskaya Street and to get closer to the barricade and to assemble a second Maidan.

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