Pieces of the statue of Lenin broken by nationalists are auctioned

Shards of the statue of Lenin broken by ultra-nationalists are being sold on the Internet. As informs Slando web-auction site, the price of Lenin’s piece depends on part of the body and weight.

“A palm (13 kg weight) costs 1,000 hryvna, a piece of hand (17 kg) - 750 hryvna. Legs and torso pieces are sold by weight - 50 hryvna per kilo. The head is priceless. Offer your price,” writes the author of the ad.

In social networks people already comment the ad quoting a saying: "When Ukrainian was born, Jew wept”.

On the evening of December 8, Lenin monument on Kiev’s Shevchenko Boulevard was crashed by the supporters of the Ukrainian ultra-right. The monument was pulled down from its pedestal by the rope and smashed to pieces with sledgehammers.

Opposition leaders said they did not give commands to destroy the monument.

Lenin monument, carved from a rare mineral - Karelian quartzite, stood on Shevchenko Boulevard since 1946. The author of the monument is sculptor Sergei Mercurov.

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