Mikhail Chechetov compares Maidan to Moscow’s Bolotny Square

Mikhail Chechetov, a member of Verkhovna Rada from the ruling Party of Regions, compared Euro-meetings on Kiev’s Maidan to the protests on Bolotnaya Embankment in Moscow in 2012.

“Bolotnaya Square in Moscow is far from being the whole of Russia. Here, our Maidan is our Bolotnaya Square. But this is not the whole of Ukraine,” said the people's deputy.

According to him, it's time to wrap up with the “tourists” who settled in the center of Kiev.

"On Maidan an outbreak of tuberculosis is quite possible; the rats are running around Maidan, terrible insanitary conditions! The last thing we lack in Kiev is a plague or cholera. Kiev is tired of this dirt, this mess, inability to call an ambulance, taxi. All Kiev people are fed up with this dirt, they are tired, so we must ask these tourists to go home. After all, 80% of those standing on Maidan are the people from the western regions. There are no Kiev inhabitants there,” said Chechetov.

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