In Kiev the law enforcers are getting ready for the assault of the City Hall

The buses with the internal troops, which left Vasilkov, have already reached Khreshchatyk.

The people's deputy Taras Kutovoy reported that the buses stopped near Bessarabska Square in Khreshchatyk Street.

"The commanders made telephone calls and received instructions regarding the further actions. Then the column went to Vladimirskaya Street in the direction of Mikhailovskaya Street," Kutovoy said.

"The fire-engines deploy the equipment near Kiev City State Administration. The law enforcers are trying to circle the square. They are arriving from Lesya Ukrainka boulevard, from Pechersk, from Bessarabska Square," the people's deputy Irina Gerashchenko wrote on her web page in Facebook.

As reported on #Evromaidan page in Facebook, Klovskaya Street is blocked by buses of the law enforcement authorities.

Let us remind that on December 1-2 during the protests in Kiev the rally participants seized the buildings of Kiev City State Administration, The House of the Trade Unions and October Palace. On December 5 the enforcement service announced the decision of the court, according to which all the rally participants should immediately leave the city hall.

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