Dobkin despises Guzuls and is collecting money for the new monument to Lenin in Kiev

On December 8 the chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin wrote in his Twitter that he planned to open an account to collect funds for the restoration of the monument to Lenin in Kiev. "Tomorrow I will open the account for restoration of the monument to Lenin in Kiev ... Everybody, who hates Guzuls for their stupidity, join," Kharkov governor wrote.

He noted that he would allocate the sum of 50,000 hryvnas for the restoration of the monument, and a little bit later he wrote about the increase of the amount up to 100,000 hryvnas.

In the evening of December 8 a group of people demolished the monument to Lenin, located in Kiev, on Bessarabska Square. The figure of Lenin was hooked onto cables and pulled down from the pedestal. The gathered people broke the head of the Soviet leader to pieces with sledge-hammers and collected the pieces as souvenirs. After that they sang the anthem of Ukraine and walked away.

The police of Kiev initiated criminal case regarding the fact of destruction of the monument to Lenin by a group of unidentified people wearing masks and bearing the flags of the political party Svoboda.

The people's deputy of political party Svoboda Igor Miroshnichenko declared that the monument to Lenin was demolished by all of the people's deputies of the political party Svoboda.

On the official web site of the political party Udar the People's Deputy Valery Karpuntsov stated that the representatives of the law enforcement authorities had already begun to detain people for demolition of the monument. He noted that the police detained even those who simply stood nearby and expressed their point of view.

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