Instructors from right-wing parties UNA-UNSO train EuroMaidan teenagers to fight police

On December 7 at nightfall in Kiev the units of ultra-nationalist movement UNA-UNSO started trainings for teenagers on combat with police and on coordinated action during the marches. The trainings are conducted right at Maidan, on the background of the evening concert. Young men in uniform directed by a similarly young commander learn to attack as a part of large and small groups, to strike with hands and feet, to throw their people in police formations.

Many participants of this "training" are under 18 years of age.

At the same time, one of the main claims of EuroMaidan protesters to the authorities and law enforcement officials is the so-called “kids beating” by Berkut special forces units on the night of November 30. The resulting situation is quite ambiguous - the children are taught how to attack during the protests with Maidan, plastered with “do not touch the children” leaflets, in the background.

UNA-UNSO members train not only the members of their organization but also anyone who responded to their invitation to participate in training, regardless of gender and age.

Impact tester machines also command considerable popularity on EuroMaidan - teenagers are lining up to try these.

The young people from UNA-UNSO do not hesitate to call themselves “military” and do not conceal the fact that their organization is built on a paramilitary model. According to the law of Ukraine, participation in the activities of such organization is punishable by imprisonment for a term of two to five years.

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