The Minister of Interior called for peaceful mass actions

Protests must be peaceful - this is the only way for the state and the civil society to find a compromise to get out of the situation that has currently developed in Ukraine. This was the main message of Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in his appeal to the Ukrainians posted on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

As noted in the appeal, law enforcement officers are open to various forms of cooperation for safety and protection of public order, with any political parties, associations, the media and NGOs. "We hear the people who come to Maidan and are ready to respond to all complaints. I hope that cooperation with the concerned citizens will neutralize offenders, also stopping any attempts to provoke or aggravate the situation”, said Zakharchenko.

The Minister of Interior said that generally the crime situation in the country had been stable, but in the capital the number of committed offenses went up due to certain events. In particular, there are more cases of theft, robbery, vandalism. Also, the police has repeatedly detained in crowded areas provocateurs and various scam-artists who allegedly collect money “for the needs of Maidan”. Vitaly Zakharchenko urged all members of the street actions to be alert not to give in to provocations, to remain calm and to solve all the conflicts in the legal field, reporting all offenses immediately to the internal affairs units.

As Zaharchenko stresses in his appeal, any threats to law enforcement officials, judges and members of their families will be reacted to according to the law.

At the same time, the police officers who exceed their authority will also be brought to justice according to applicable laws: “I appeal to the organizers of the protests - together we should prevent unlawful acts against the police. I emphasize that such threats incur criminal liability according to the law. Police officers guilty of exceeding their authority, after a thorough investigation, will be dealt with according to the law of Ukraine. We understand that finding the solution of the problem of those guilty in beating citizens on Maidan is the first step for the return of trust”.

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