M. Dobkin: it is time for the representatives of the government and the opposition to begin negotiations

"Today we actually have two countries: one is participating in the rallies, another is diligently working for themselves and for those who do not want to work today. The people were taken to the streets, what is next? What is the way out of this situation? The only possible way out is that the representatives of the government and the opposition sit down at the table and start negotiations. It is necessary to come to an agreement regarding what and how should be changed in order to continue developing our country, and not to bring people out to the streets," the chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin declared on the air of the TV show Chas Vladi.

Kharkov governor noted that the opponents were calling on the people to revolution and changing the government in unconstitutional way, rather than to discuss urgent problems with the representatives of the government.

"It is necessary to unblock all the administrative buildings, clear the squares, sit down at the table and start negotiations, express the demands, give possibility to work for the Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada. If it is needed, a proposal should be made that the opposition becomes a part of the government and uses their brains and skills, rather than their mouths, to show how they can work. I think that this option is the only possible peaceful way out of the current situation," stressed Mikhail Dobkin.

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