From the tribune of Euro-Maidan Turchinov urged to block all government buildings

Few minutes ago Alexandr Turchinov, head of the main office of the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, called on those present at Maidan to assault the government buildings and block the government district, where the buildings of the Cabinet of Ministers, Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration are located.

According to him, at this point there are 40 million people at the square. Turchinov ordered 30,000 of them to block the buildings, telling the others to remain at Euro-Maidan.

Earlier, a group of people consisting mainly of the so-called 9th squadron of Maidan self-defense forces, was gathering at the top exit of Khreschatyk subway station. Young people in the group chanted the slogans “Glory to the nation!” and “Death to the enemies!”. Most of the group carried miners’ or climbers’ hard hats.

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