60,000 nationalists block the participants of the Party of Regions rally at Hrushevskoho Street

Groups of nationalists and opposition supporters blocked the rally of the Party of Regions supporters near Mariinsky Park. The groups were sent by Turchinov, the head of the main office of the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, to take the government buildings.

According to our special correspondent, both ends of Hrushevskoho Street are blocked by Maidan protesters. Locked inside the perimeter there are some 10,000 people who joined the so-called Anti-Maidan rally supporting the Party of Regions; there are also some journalists there.

Five minutes ago, the crowd tried to break through the cordon put up by Berkut special forces who protect the approaches and the Party of Regions supporters using a chain of shields. As a result, the opposition managed to move Berkut 50 meters inside the street.

The special forces are ready to start using gas. Opposition used vehicle-mounted megaphones to announce that it was going to set a camp on both sides of Hrushevskoho street, blocking the participants of Anti-Maidan meeting. “Anti-Mayidan protesters are mostly people older than 40, there are very few youngsters. At the same time those marching on them are young people, well-protected by helmets and leg guards”, says our correspondent.

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