Three central subway stations were mined in Kiev

An unidentified male has reported on mining of three subway stations - Khreschatyk, Teatralnaya and Maidan Nezalejnosty - in Kiev.

As reported by the subway of the capital, on December 9 the stations Khreschatyk, Teatralnaya and Maidan Nezalejnosty are temporarily closed for entry and exit of the passengers. The stations are being inspected for the presence of explosive items.

The press-service of the main department of the police of the capital has reported that an unidentified male reported about mining around 11:00 a.m.

"The bomb experts were dispatched there, the patrolmen and dog experts are working there at the moment. The people were evacuated and the station is only open for exit. Now the measures to find the explosives and to identify the caller are being undertaken," said the police department.

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