The officers of special service unit Tiger broke through the cordon in Vasilkov

The officers of special service unit Tiger, who were blocked by the activists in Valiskov, broke through the cordon and are driving to Kiev.

"The activists, who are blocking police special service units in Vasilkov, have just reported that part of the special squad soldiers broke through their cordon," wrote Dmitry Gnap at his Facebook page.

At the same time, according to the information from the people's deputy of Ukraine from all-Ukrainian organization Svoboda Yury Bublik, who talked to the activists on the phone, the buses with the officers of the special service unite Tiger had been blocked at one of the local bridges.

"Also there is information, that allegedly the special unit, which is being blocked in Vasilkov, is supposed to substitute the special squad soldiers, who are now in Kiev. However, the people, who are blocking the entry, said that they would not admit any buses," reported the representative of Svoboda.

According to him, several buses were able to break out from the school, but as of 10:26 a.m. not a single bus left Vasilkov.

"The activists blocked them at one of the local bridges," mentioned the people's deputy.

On December 4 in Vasilkov in Kiev region several hundred people blocked the exits from the college of the National Aviation University after the locals had noticed the buses with fighters of the special service unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs driving into the yard of the college. On December 6 all the staff of Tiger was planned to be moved out of the study center of the air force, where they were blocked by the residents. However, the activist refused to let them out.

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