Blockage of Grushevsky street as it was (Photo)

After noon on December 8 columns of rebels blocked the rally of the Party of Regions at Grushevksy street in Mariynsky park.

Tent camps were set up on both sides of Grushevsky street. Units of Berkut, who were later changed to the units of the internal troops, were guarding the supporters of the Party of Regions inside the cordoned perimeter. The opposition, wearing hard hats ans protective guards, took several attempts to break through the police cordon with shields.

Originally it was reported that the people were inside the perimeter were not allowed outside. But then the people were let out, but not let back in.

As the dusk fell, the ends of Grushevksy street were blocked with trucks.

According to the witnesses, if the Party of Regions leaves Mariynky part this night, the regime will lose the last area for rallies in the center of Kiev.

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