Berliner Tageszeitung: BYT spent Europe's money, but hasn't returned

More than 100 million dollars on PR BYT came from foreign accounts and offshore. Berliner Tageszeitung tells that BYT has gained its fame among Ukrainians and the international community only through the efforts of PR- agencies. "During 2007 - 2010, a fraction of the "Fatherland" existed at the expense of offshore and foreign loans. During this time in Ukraine there were three election campaigns: parliamentary, local and presidential elections. Renat Kuzmin, the first deputy prosecutor of Ukraine, states that a total amount reached $ 100 million! Tymoshenko’s Deputy of Foreign Affairs Grigory Nemyr paid", Berliner Tageszeitung said.

Faction leaders Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleg Tyahnibok, Alexander Turchinov and Yulia Tymoshenko are mentioned in the Mann’s article as "criminals in dirty jackets of false martyrs of the opposition". As for Yulia Tymoshenko, there a line was separated: "Tymoshenko’s suffering face impacted European politicians’ attitude, including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s one. Good PR-move on the stolen funds has ensured the success of Tymoshenko among Ukraine’s people".

Angela Merkel standing for the Tymoshenko’s release from the prison now asks, "why we helped Tymoshenko".

Treatment of ex-prime minister in a German clinic of "Charité" is still not paid, according to Lutz Harms, Timoshenko’s personal doctor.

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