The nationalists from Euromaindan are being set against the Crimean special service unit Berkut

The journalist Oleg Kriuchkov thinks that the nationalists from Euromaidan are scapegoating the workers of the Crimean Berkut.

According to him, the dispersal of Euromaidan in the early morning of December 1, which is attributed to the Crimean Berkut, was in fact implemented by their colleagues from Kiev special service unit.

"One of the employees of the Crimean Berkut called me and asked to come over to the Ukrainian House. I come to the Ukrainian House, the perimeter of which is cordoned off, and three guys from the Crimean Berkut come out and pull me inside and start telling me, where they were and that they were standing in police line near Sberbank of Russia and that no Berkut from the other regions participated. Everyone was in reserve... The guys from Berkut told me that had any other unit, except for Kiev Berkut, come, nothing would have happened. The crowd would have simply been displaced and that'd be it. Why has Kiev Berkut worked like that? As the guys form the special mission unit have explained it to me, Kiev Berkut had been participation in the street protests during the week before that and there also was a bunch of wounded in the skirmish near the bar at the Cabinet of Ministers. While all the other units were on their way, Kiev Berkut covered all Kiev. Roughly speaking, they did not have enough sleep for a week, they had wounded, they were wound up, they just lost their marbles," told the journalist of the New Channel to the news agency New Region during the interview.

Kriuchkov thinks that somebody is purposefully aggravating the situation at Maidan with anti-Crimean hysteria. According to the journalist, the Crimean unit of Berkut, as one of the strongest units in Ukraine, was in the emergency reserve all this time.

"They did not participate anywhere. On Sunday they were located not on Bankova, but near the Cabinet of Ministers. Nothing happened at the Cabinet of Ministers; assault was at Bankova. They said that when a column of nationalists came, just two flashbang grenades were thrown and that was it. Who knows Kiev: the Ukrainian House is on the left and the turn to Grushevskogo, to the Cabinet of Ministers, is on the right. That is, all the column, all those 600 thousand, which were there, they come to the Ukrainian House if they go to the Cabinet of Ministers. This is complete hysteria! And there are buses of the Crimean Berkut with the Crimean license plates at the square in from of the Ukrainian House, from which it is not possible to drive out. But they are in the Ukrainian House! No arms, not even shields, only rubber batons and maces. So, the guys tell me: "We are being framed. Somebody wants to have Brest Fortress in the Ukrainian House tomorrow."!" told Kriuchkov to his colleagues.

At 11 a.m. on November 30 photos shot by Kriuchkov appeared on his Facebook page, at which one can see buses, which brought Berkut, with the Crimean license plates parked at the very Ukrainian House.

"After 12 (p.m. on December 1) the commander of Kiev Berkut with shifty eyes made announcement confirming that it was them, who was dissipating. The same commander of Kiev Berkut, to whom they were referring on Saturday noon, that they were thinking whether to switch the side or not. And everybody knew that the Crimean Berkut had not participated, but set them up. And it is all because somebody shot a photo: they were detaining one drunkard and gave him to the cops. But the assault group of the Crimean Berkut is different from everyone: it works in camouflage with little flag of the Crimea. And then they were standing at the Ukrainian House and everyone was taking pictures of them," says the staff reporter of the New Channel.

Kruichkov says that it appears that the Crimean Berkut is being deliberately framed, since "in the morning after the mop-up of Maidan all the units were withdrawn from Khreschatyk except for the Crimean Berkut, which was in the buses parked in the middle of Khreschatyk".

Those who stand in Maidan in Kiev are making a distinctive "scarecrow" out of the Crimean Berkut.

"After what had happened it clearly spread out all over Kiev: "those were the assassins from the Crimean Berkut, everyone is murdered there" and so forth. There are posters in the subway: "People, come out on Sunday, the people from the Crimean Berkut have murdered our kids". Those leaflets are for real. Someone is really instigating against the Crimea," is certain the journalist.

He is also sure that one of the deputy heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine gives direct orders to Berkut.

"It has to be one of Zakharchenko (the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko) subordinates because no one else can give order to Berkut. Or it's him personally. In any case the orders were given from the very top."

But Kriuckov says that even in case of certain provocative order the Crimean "Berkut has no intention of shooting people".

"Why? Because they say "Whom are we supposed to protect?". They are police workers and they are not cool with giving up their lives for this regime. In any country of the world if you start beating the special mission units, it hits you back. It was much rougher in Turkey, it was much tougher in Egypt - you should not beat the riot police if you want it to switch to you side, as in Thailand, when they took off the helmets and put the shields down. And if you start beating them, well, the riot police is an instrument, it stops thinking. By their regulations they are not thinking, they are given orders, and they do it. And if you make the special mission unit to think that they should not shoot the kids, then they take off the helmets and put down the shields. And if you start beating them, they begin hitting you," said Kriuchkov, who had been repeatedly been to world's trouble spots.

The journalist has also shared his general impressions of Maidan:

"Maidans are very different. The residents of Kiev do not participate in strikes from the morning till 6 in the evening. The residents of Kiev work in regular mode. Those residents of Kiev, who support Maidan, come there after work. During all the other time the visitors are at Maidan. That is Svoboda and the other regions of Ukraine, represented by the students.

Maidan is a patchwork blanket. The residents of Kiev and the middle class protest against the brutality of Berkut. The visitors don't even utter the theme of Euro-integration, but only changing the regime in the country. The main demand of Maidan is "The con, get out!". Only Yatseniuk, Klitschko and Tyagnibok breathe a word of Euro-integration. And that Tyagnibok mentions it in passing.

When the column was parted, I came in and shot: inside Tyagnibok was talking to the commander of the interior troops, who were stationed at Bankova street. The conversation was as follows: "Let's do it like this: I withdraw my guys, and you withdraw yours."

At that, according to Kriuchkov, the people do not listen to the oppositioners and there is no clear understanding of who is in charge of the process.

"Nobody listens to the opposition. It's out of business. They are trying to huff and puff, but it is still not clear who is in charge of all this. The opposition lost much more than it gained. Because it could not manage either the first Maidan or the second one and displayed its complete impotence. There is not clear management there as of yet. There is headquarters, some actions appeared, but that has not happened during the first days. A lot of Poles appeared - television channels, voluntary group activists, leaders ... On Sunday Yaroslav Kachinsky (former Prime-Minister of Poland) and Yatsek (Protasevych - the deputy of the European Parliament from Poland) from the European Parliament arrived. And they start to stir everything up there; they say that Europe is calling for you. I was amazed because if those events had taken place at night, where did they come from in here?" asks the journalist.

Kriuchkov says that only one point of view works in Maidan - the one of the western and central parts of Ukraine. He says that he sees practically no people from the east of Ukraine in Kiev.

"And the worst of what is happening is that the residents of Kiev, the proponents of the European integration, the representatives of Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk refuse to explain anything to the people form the Crimea, Donetsk, Kharkov. I came to the Crimea and they say here that "Bandera sabbath" is going on there. It's a different story there, it's patchwork blanket there. For some reason the east of Ukraine is considered Neanderthals, who go to the neighboring Russian village together with bears. Here is the border and every morning we go to Russia to take a hair of the dog that bit us. But there are quite a few adequate residents of Kiev. They are not interested in the history of the Euro-integration, economics and everything related to this. The main demands are investigation Berkut activities and punishment, resignation of Zakharchenko and resignation of Yanukovych. Because everyone is sick and tired of him. And this in no way is related to Euromaidan. The other thing is that another story, promoted in parallel, is circulating around Euromaidan - that if there is change of power, then we'll also fix the European Union in concert. At that the majority of the students, both from Kiev and Lvov, in spite of their education, think that the roads will level off by themselves after the association is signed. They don't even know that signing the association agreement does not imply introduction of visa-free mode. And none of them read the documents on the association!" says the reporter.

Moreover, he was unpleasantly surprised with the behavior of people, who aim for Europe, but behave like barbarians:

"All Maidan is painted around, all the houses, city-lights, all the property of the capital is fouled up, but we are going to Europe. And one more thing. The Russian journalist, whom I had to pull out from Turkey, Arkady Babchenko, the most liberal of all the liberals, has written: "Do not forget that the main slogan of Maidan is "Glory to Ukraine - Glory to the heroes!".

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