Moscow denies discussion between Yanukovych and Putin about Ukraine accession to the Customs Union

According to the announcement of the press-secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych did not discuss the issue of possible accession of Ukraine to the Customs Union during their meeting in Sochi on Friday.

Peskov has said that the main theme of the conversation between two presidents was the agenda of bilateral intergovernmental commission, the meeting of which would be held on December 17 in Moscow.

"Substantial attention has been paid to the topic of cooperation in the energy sector; the positions of the parties on the issue were conciliated. However, the final agreement has not been reached," emphasized the presidential press-secretary.

He has reported that in the context of forthcoming meeting of the intergovernmental commission Russia-Ukraine the presidents of two countries "exchanged opinions regarding possible continuation and development of cooperation in industrial and high-tech sectors, specifically, in aircraft and ship building, rocket production and space activities".

"Putin and Yanukovych have also reviewed the current state and the prospects of bilateral cooperation in the financial and credit sphere," said Peskov.

He has emphasized that "the negotiations on all these issues will soon be continued at the expert level".

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