The opposition gathers seniors to Maidan

The opposition gathers seniors aged 75 and older for tomorrow's rally at Euromaidan.

In a post on his Facebook page the people's deputy Oleg Tsariov claims to have a video recording of a conversation, form which follows that elderly people are required for tomorrow's rally at Euromaidan.

"I was told that the oppositionists were trying to pass the deceased from tuberculosis for the dead from beatings. That did not work... The open tuberculosis was too obvious. So, it seems that the opposition needs blood?" asks Tsariov.

According to his sources, the opposition's opinions about Maidan with the seniors were divided.

"Two of them think that it is enough to conduct peaceful rallies tomorrow. One wants power via blood. He demands capturing some administrative buildings. And I would have made a mistake of judging who has taken which position, had I not been told exactly," he has written without specifying the person, who suggested taking grandmas and grandpas to the rally.

"The weekend is the last chance for the opposition. Over the weekend the further course of events will be clear. God, bless Ukraine! Heaven save us from bloodshed," concluded the people's deputy.

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