Today at 12:00 a.m. cross procession consisting of more than 4,000 people took place

This morning people with icons in their hands, with imperial flags and banners gathered in the inner courtyard of Kiev Pechersk Lavra and went to the Supreme Council. The following slogans were on the banners: "The revolution is diabolic business", "Odessa region is against the EU", "Ukraine is the land of our fathers, grandfathers, we will not give away our Ukraine" and others. As was reported by Alexandrб the assistant of the Cossack chieftain, the procession was planned to be held earlier, but because of the "bloody" events on Euromaidan, it was decided to postpone the activity.

The activists of True Cossacks dedicated the procession to Alexandr Nevsky, and not accidentally, as the Cossack chieftain assistant reported: "It has symbolic meaning, as it was Nevsky who made the Swedes go away from the Russian land. We believe that it will be as easy to stop the European Union from expressing interest in our country." The participants of the procession are confident: today there are many Ukrainians, who do not support the association with Europe, but they are not heard.

"Many people even do not know what is written in that Agreement," Alexandr says, "We believe that we will have benefits only from the union with Russia and Belarus, and support it. The EU promotes freedom and democracy, but in what kind of way? They promote same sex relations, and this is not right, because Ukraine is an Orthodox state, we must live according to the laws of God."

After the procession to the Supreme Council was finished, the column joined the supporters of Antimaidan. The representatives of True Cossacks carried out a wide-scale action and public prayer and planned to spend the day at the walls of the Supreme Council in order to support the President and express their disapproval of the with the EU.

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