The residents of Kharkov demand that the President will not allow the revolution

The rally of the opponents of signing the agreement with the European Union took place on December 4 on Svoboda Square in Kharkov in front of the building of the Regional State Administration. The participants of the rally expressed their outrage with the situation in the country and adopted the appeal to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, Verkhovna Rada, the ambassadors of foreign countries in Ukraine and regional councils of Galichina.

The organizers of the rally were holding the banners and posters with the inscription "We don't need the gay-rope!", "Ukraine is not Europe", "Those who strive for Europe will inevitably step into sh*t!". The representatives of various public organizations addressed the rally participants. Among them were the following leaders: Alexandr Karyaka from Narodno-Trudovoy Sojuz Ukrainu, Pavel Tishchenko from Trudovaya Kharkovshchina, Igor Cherkashchenko from Kievskaya Rus, Alexandr Oleynik from Sojuz Sovetskikh Ofitserov, Alexandr Dubrovin from Oplot. The speakers were giving their speeches standing on the flag of the European Union, as the sign of protest to the disrespectful policy of the EU and NATO towards Ukraine.

The rally participants demanded that Viktor Yanukovych would not allow the revolution, and that the leaders of the opposition Arseniy Yatsenyk, Vitaly Klitschko and Oleg Tyagnubok would stop destabilization of the situation in the country. "We are totally dissatisfied with the way of life in Europe, where the perverts are equaled to normal people. We all see and understand it, therefore we strongly declare to the leaders of the so-called opposition, which is, in fact, the fifth column of the West in bandaging Ukraine: GET OUT to your "dreamt" Europe and stop pulling the entire Ukrainian people there. We forbid you to speak on behalf of the whole nation because by you stand only the same traitors, as you are, or deceived people, who believe that manna from heavens waits for them in Europe," is said in the appeal.

The participants of the rally addressed the heads of other states: "We appeal to the leaders of the western countries, first of all to the US, the EU and particularly “endeavouring” Poland and the Baltic states: Stay away from our business! Do not provoke, do not promise the things you do not intend to do! Do not stir up hatred in our country, as you have already done in many countries of the world! Do not provoke bloodshed and war between the Slavic peoples!"

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