The participants of Euromaidan blocked the entrance to the Prosecutor General's Office

Today at 8 a.m. the Euro-activists blocked the entrance to the building of the Prosecutor General's Office (GPU) - several dozens of people laid down at the front door, thus, blocking the entrance. To get to work the employees of the GPU had to step over the lying people.

The participants of the rally, who refer to themselves as to Democratic Alliance, demand release of the detainees. They forced several employees to put their signatures under the threat of not admitting them to work.

An action plan for December 6 was announced from the stage at Maidan. Implementing it, the Euro-activists moved to the main government buildings. Early in the morning, when most of the city was still asleep, a column of around 200 people set off from Euromaidan to the building of the government. According to UNN, the participants of the rally were carrying flags with symbols of opposition parties of Ukraine and the European Union.

An hour earlier, 7-9 minivans with law enforcers arrived at the building of the government. In the evening the administrators of the headquarters received instructions of the opposition leaders to block all the administrative area of Kiev, where Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Administration of the President are located. The Euro-activists took their positions on 7 a.m. There was around a thousand of the participants of the rally in Maidan at 6 a.m.

The music is playing loudly in Maidan; barrels with fire burning inside, near which the Euro-activists sit on wooden pallets, are scattered around the square. The food, mostly sandwiches and other kind of dry rations, is delivered to them. The garbage disposal was organized and the lavatories were installed. There also are plenty of recruiting stations at the square.

In general it was a quiet night, men on duty have not encountered any provocateurs, although so-called Night Patrol was operating in the camps throughout the night. However, the Euro-activists claim that two young men, who allegedly had guns, were detained near the barricades in the morning. The administrators of the headquarters said that those were so-called "titushky", who were reconnoitering to organize provocations. However, the police claims that it has received no armed people from the rally participants.

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