Fomenko: the guys have done everything they could, the refereeing was prejudiced

The Manager of Ukraine national soccer team Mikhail Fomenko commented on defeat at the France National soccer team (0:3) in the second match of the playoffs of the World Cup 2014.

"The thing that has happened is psychology. It is difficult to play at a high enough level two matches in a row with such a team as the team of France. It is true, we didn't have enough time to duly recuperate, but we cannot speak about it loudly. This is unethical in relation to my subordinates. They have done everything they could do for today," said Fomenko on the air of TV-channel "Inter". According to the manager's words he was waiting that the manager of France Didier Deschamps would make many replacements. "We had a lot of information from different sources. The French have a choice. This has played a major role," he said.

Fomenko has also stressed, that the refereeing was prejudiced, "You have seen the game. The first score: there was no violation, there was no handling, but the judge has scored it up. The second score was scored to us by the pure out of play ball in our gates, but it was scored up. As they say it's none of our business, but it has also a slightly weakened on our game."

The manager of the Ukraine national soccer team expressed his regret regarding the results of the game of the team in France, but he also considers the defeat to be an experience and is ready to continue his work with the national team. "The positive is that we have reached this stage. This is rather not a lesson but experience for me, which is gained while working with the national team," Fomenko said.

Let us remind you that yesterday, during the return match of the playoff qualifying cycle of the World Cup 2014 Ukraine national team was defeated at France national team with a score 0:3. The result of the game has been forecasted exactly this way. Among the major reasons of the forecasts was the the fact that unlike the French, Ukrainian fans will not be able to attend the World Cup in Brazil, paying 2,000 dollars for transatlantic flights and tickets. And the professional soccer needs wealthy viewers.

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