Police authorities report that the representatives of Bratstvo, Svoboda, and Dynamo-Ultras participated in the fights with Berkut

At the briefing the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko declared that the ultra-right fighters become the main strike force of Euromaidan. "They functioned as security on Maidan. On their forums in the internet the ultrarightists do not conceal that it were them who organized the fight with Berkut," he said.

"Since December 1 the issue of the European Integration was not heard during the rallies. One can hear only the political appeals: the resignation of the government and the change of power," Zakharchenko noted.

The Minister explained that "the capture of the administrative buildings is considered to be a crime in any country and Ukraine is not an exception". "The capture of the buildings of Kiev City Hall, the House of Trade Unions, the appeals to attack the Administration of the President of Ukraine and other governmental buildings by the participants of the rallies is the violation of the current legislation, which brings as a consequence criminal responsibility," the Minister emphasized.

The Minister reminded that during the attack on the Administration of the President the soldiers of the internal troops were attacked with the tractor, beaten with chains, thrown the stones, hammers and Molotov cocktails.

"All in all there are 156 law enforcement officers who suffered and 126 of them are in hospital, 4 are in a serious condition," he said.

According to Zakharchenko, "the situation with the violation of the law will be carefully studied, herewith, "the police officers, who exceeded their authority, after the check up will be punished", and "the decision about the organizers and participants will be made by the court".

Zakharchenko drew attention to the fact that in the statements of politicians appear the appeals to create the lists of "the enemies of Euromaidan", which does not exclude the possibility of threats to them and their families. "Such threats are independent component elements of the crime," he said.

Let us remind you that Vitaly Klitschko stated at Euromaidan that a list of the names and home addresses of the soldiers of Berkut, judges and public prosecutors, who were engaged in the liquidation and legal evaluation of the actions of the demonstrators, was created.

The leader of the opposition promised to hold a disclosure of personal files after he would come to power and to bring all the members of the list to criminal responsibility and dismiss them from the occupied positions.

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