The Public Prosecutor's Office is ready to arrest Korchinsky and the driver of the bulldozer

The Deputy of the Public Prosecutor Sergey Sofiev informed during the briefing that the Public Prosecutor's Office will apply for the arrest of the leader of the organization Bratstvo Dmitry Korchinsky because the organization is suspected of organizing mass riots in Bankova Street in Kiev.

“I want to note that Korchinsky, who was involved in those events, is an official suspect. Now the measures to detain Korchinsky and to undertake the investigative actions are carried out," Sofiev said.

He also noted that Korchinsky is suspected of the organization of the mass disorders.

According to Sofiev, yesterday two men, involved in the disorders in Bankova Street, were arrested. They were involved in the episode with a bulldozer, which was hijacked from Maidan Nezalajnosti and driven at the policemen. The Public Prosecutor did not tell the surnames of the arrested, but noted that one of them was a member of the public organization The Road Control.

On December 1 about 500 sporty young men broke through the line of the police and simulated the attack on the Administration of the President. They behaved rather aggressively. They threw different objects at the employees of the special unit, in particular, stones and "Molotov cocktails".

Additionally, the young men demonstrated good skills of acting against the soldiers of the power structures, and knowledge of the tactics of their behavior.

Later the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that more than 300 radically-minded nmembers of the organization Bratstvo, who acted under the supervision of Dmitry Korchinsky, were involved in the malefaction near the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

The TV channel TSN with the reference to its sources reported that the leader of the radical organization Bratstvo Korchinsky, who was suspected of being involved in the provocation in Bankova Street, had left the country.

The wife of the leader of Bratstvo Oksana Korchinskaya denies that her husband coordinated the young men, who provoked the fight with the police in Bankova Street on December 1. She asserts that radically-minded young people were self-organized.

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