Dostoyevsky family museum was opened in Vinnitskaya region

The family museum of a classic of the world literature Fyodor Dostoyevsky was opened in the village Voitovtsy of Litvinsky district of Vinnitskaya region, where his father had been born.

The museum was founded by the initiative of Alexander Rogovoy, who is a researcher of local history and the history of Dostoyevsky family and the director of Lipovetsky regional archive.

"We have been able to determine that the family of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky originates from Ukraine. His father was born here, in Lipovichina, which is proven by the record of birth of Mikhail Dostoyevsky found in the metric church record book, who had come into the world here, in Voitovtsy. To pay a tribute to the great writer and his family, we have initiated the creation of Dostoyevsky family museum in the village," said Rogovoy.

The museum was opened on the base of a local school. Personnel of the regional museum of local lore and Vinnitsa regional archive have assisted with creation of the museum.

One of the main exhibits a new museum is a copy of the record in the church book of the birth Mikhail Dostoyevsky in Voitovtsy. It is known that the father Fyodor Dostoyevsky grew here and from here went to study in Moscow, where he later became a doctor. The writer's grandfather was a priest in Podolsk village.

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