There are plans to restrict hostel operation in Ukraine

Draft law about hostels is registered in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. If the law is passed, it will limit the functioning of the hostels in apartment houses.

The document stipulates that a hostel must provide not less than 13.65 square meters of the residential area per person (now it is not less than 6 square meters). This will automatically remove the hostels from regular apartments: there will be room for less people and, respectively, the earnings will decrease.

The neighbors will also influence the work of the hostels in apartment houses: until all of them sign their consent, the hostel will not be opened.

If the owner does not fulfill these conditions, he will be facing a fine 100-1,000 of nontaxable minimum incomes.

As of today there are more than 200 hostels officially operating in the country, 80 percent of which are located in multistoried buildings.

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