Pat Cox: the Ukrainian oppositionists do not trust each other

"The opposition in Ukraine, as in any other country, is not in good terms with the government," Cox said, "But what I have noticed is that your opposition leaders have no mutual trust".

Cox shared his impressions of the Ukrainian oppositionists in an interview given to at the Eastern Partnership Summit, which took place in Vilnius on November 28-29.

The three major oppositionists behaved at the Summit as if they were simply familiar with each other. Each of them had own program. Only on Friday after the summit they made a joint statement about the need to change the government in Ukraine.

In the beginning of November Klitschko announced that he would participate in the presidential elections.

However, at the conference "The Civil Society", which was held in the framework of the summit in Vilnius, Yatsenuk, answering the question of the journalists about the single candidate from the opposition during the presidential elections in 2015, said that one out of three leaders would be chosen via primary.

A primary - is a type of voting, in which one candidate from the political party is selected. However, those, who are defeated during the primary, sometimes participate in the presidential elections as independent candidates without the support of their party.

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