The "language map" of the Ukrainian segment of the social network VKontakte

An interesting visualization of the language data is published at the web site stаtistikа The language map of Ukraine with large, medium-sized and even small towns (where only several hundred people use the social network) was worked out based on the language of communication, which is specified in the profile of VKontakte.

VKontakte is the most popular social network in Ukraine. Two most popular languages in it are Ukrainian and Russian. The places, where users specified Ukrainian language in their profile, are marked in shades of red on the map, and the Russian language is marked in blue.

According to the authors, in Kiev the percentage of users, who are proficient in the Ukrainian and the Russian languages is approximately equal: 17 percent speak Ukrainian and 21 percent speak Russian.

In the west of Ukraine the Russian language was ahead of the Ukrainian only in the Romanian and Hungarian settlements. In the south-east of Ukraine the Russian language was ahead of the Ukrainian in all of the cities.

The most eastern town, where the Ukrainian language was ahead of the Russian, was urban settlement Mashevka near Poltava.

Since not all the users specify the languages they speak, the total number of the population in the town by the data of VKontakte is always bigger than the sum of the Ukrainian and the Russian-speaking users.

The "language map" of the Ukrainian social network "VKontakte": Stаtistikа

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