The retail network "Foxtrot" was fined in Odessa

The retail network "Foxtrot" in Odessa region was fined for numerous violations. The amount of fines is 401 million hryvnas. The State Inspection on the Issues of Protection of the Rights of Consumers carried out the checkup of the quality of the goods.

According to the information of the relevant department, checkups held in the region resulted in the identification of the violations in 13 retail stores of the network.

Out of almost 300 units checked during the inspection 74 electrical home appliances had no National compliance mark. The presence the National compliance mark on an appliance means that the unit during the operation is not harmful to the environment and poses no safety hazards for the buyer.

Also 243 units of goods without identifying signs, for example, the manufacturing date, the name of the brand of the product, the country of the manufacturer, were discovered.

The administrative action was brought against 13 people after the checkup.

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