The Crimea traditionally celebrates the anniversary of the retreat of the White Army from its territory

The anniversary of the White army of the General Vrangel retreat from the Crimea is being traditionally celebrated in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

The activists of Russian organizations and orthodox dwellers of Simferopol have gathered at the memorial stone to commemorate the victims of the Civil war.

The people who gathered at the rally declared about the the risk that the tragic events which have happened almost a century ago may repeat due to the Neonazism movement is raising its head in Ukraine.

"The Russian and orthodox organizations of the Crimea want the memory of the innocent victims to remind people of the Crimea and Ukraine one more time of the fact that any civil war and national conflict may lead to terror and genocide. Today spiritual heirs of Bela Kun and Zemlyachka have not repented yet; no words of remorse are heard from heirs of the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army who committed terrible crimes against civil people in Poland and Western Ukraine. In the society they try to make heroes of the people who cooperated with the Hitlerites and whose hands are mottled with blood of civilians. This is done by the politicians of the opposition, of the political party "Svoboda", the politicians who want to gain power at any cost. That is why the Russian and orthodox people, must do everything possible and impossible to prevent the tragic events in the Crimea and Ukraine!" is declared in the resolution of the rally.

Tomorrow the liturgy to commemorate the compatriots who have fled Russia forever will be held in the St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Chersonesos; after that the procession will go from the cathedral in which there are the tombs of the Russian admirals to the Grafskaya jetty, where the service for those who was murdered during the Civil war and for the banished Russian people will be held.

On the same day the participants of the memorial activities will put to the sea by boat from that very place where the squadron of the Black Seat Fleet together with the White Army and with the refugees on board was leaving the Crimean shores and will thrown onto the water the commemorative wreaths.

They want to build the church in the memory of the Russian martyrs and confessors in Sevastopol for many years. The church will be built on the site of mass shootings during the "red terror" in 1920-1921. Tomorrow the foundation stone of the church will be blessed.

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