Bob Dylan was awarded the National order of the Legion of Honor

French authorities awarded the American singer Bob Dylan with the highest award of the country the National order of the Legion of Honor. Dylan has not recorded a song in French, but in 1960-70 of the last century he was extremely popular in France.

"Dylan became a hero of youth who were striving for justice and independence," the Minister of Culture of France Aurélie Filippetti stated in the course of the ceremony which was held in Paris.

Filippetti said that Dylan found inspiration in the work of the French poets Verlan and Rimbaud. In her words aesthetics of the singer approached to the heart, and a voice was a scream of freedom. The Minister also said that the songs of Bob Dylan had an impact on the participants to the famous students’ unrests in May of 1968 in Paris.

It is interesting that conferring of the award to Dylan was controversial. An army General Jean-Louis Georgelin was against of it. The holder of the title of Great Chancellor of the French national order of the Legion of Honor declared that that singer in his time experimented with marijuana and was making public antiwar statements.

The National order of the Legion of Honor was established in France in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte; this order is awarded for the special merits to France.

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