The film director Aleksei German-senior was awarded posthumously for the contribution to cinematography

The organizers of the international Rome film festival posthumously awarded the Russian film director Aleksei German-senior for the contribution to cinematography.

The transfer of the special prize (the Golden Capitoline Wolf where) took place on Wednesday before the world premiere of the last movie of the film director "Hard to be a God". German has worked more than 10 years to make this film.

"The award is recognition of work which lasted for many years, the recognition of the things that have been done. I think, this recognition came a little bit late, nevertheless, I still think that it is good and important not only for the Russian cinematography but also for the world cinematography as a whole," the son of film director Aleksei German junior stated.

The movie "Hard to be a God" is based on the same name novel by the brothers Strugatsky. The science-fiction work can be viewed as a story of adventures and as a dark satire on the Soviet history.

"When we started to shoot (it was in 2000) everyone considered that the prototype of the main character don Rumata was Putin. Later on we all realized that all this was much wider. I can say that, most likely, I was playing German. Via Rumata he tried to open himself and his attitude to life, to the people, to the phenomena, to the history, and to the things that he could not change in this life," Leonid Yarmolnik the actor playing the main role said.

The actor said that "Hard to be a God" is an alternative movie in all senses, and if the movie would ever be called great, it would happen only because it is about everything that happens in the life of a person.

The last work of the film director Aleksei German senior is expected to start its distribution in February 2014.

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