Prisiajniuk says that Ukraine has no plans of renting its agricultural acres to China

The minister of agrarian policy Nikolay Prisiajniuk told the journalists before the beginning of the Ukrainian-Chinese business-forum in Beijing that Ukraine had no plans of renting its agricultural acres to China. "I will tell you that no talks about renting (Ukrainian) land to Chinese companies are being held at any level," clarified the minister.

UNIAN also quotes the minster saying that the financial cooperation between Ukraine and China is discussed during the current negotiations. "We acquire certain financial resources, but in parallel we take the obligations of supplying a certain quantity of agricultural produce," he said.

Prisiajniuk has reminded that Ukraine has a permit for shipment of corn to China, while the agreements, enabling Ukraine to supply China with soybeans and wheat, will be signed today. Moreover, ready produce, for example, oatmeal and cereals, will also be shipped to the Chinese market.

According to the minister, these agreements are very important because Ukraine the third country allowed to supply grains to the Chinese market.

Prisiajniuk has emphasized that today the topic is Chinese investments in the reconstruction of the Ukrainian irrigation system. To conduct corresponding works in Kherson and the Crimea, Ukraine counts on receiving a credit 2.5 billion dollars under 6.5 percent interest for 15 years

In particular, as Chinese newspaper Huanzhu Chibao reported in the end of September, corresponding agreement was singed between Xinjiang manufacturing and construction body and the Ukrainian company KGS Agro.

The acres will be used for cultivation of the crops and livestock farming. The Chines side undertakes to implement several irrigation projects.

The issue of ensuring food security is one of the key problems for China. In spite of a great number of inhabitants, China has only 9 percent of the world's plough-lands.

Currently China rents 2 million hectares of agricultural areas abroad.

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