Cold Winter In Europe Leads To An Increase In Gas Prices

Due to the fact forecasts, the temperature in December will be lower than last year, and gas prices will rise. Gas is offered at a price of 417 dollars per thousand cubic meters at NPB (UK). $ 510 per thousand cubic meters is a price of natural gas on the spot hub of PEG Sud (France).

Before the winter period, the price of gas has not exceeded $ 400 per thousand cubic meters.

In order to break into the European market and occupy a retentive place there, the Russian Ministry of economic development is going to export shale gas of OAO "Gazprom" for $ 385 to Europe. The price is restricted by a requirement of signing long-term contracts. The Ministry assured that the rising cost of gas will have Europe dependent upon the Russian gas, and Russia economic growth will be prolonged.

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